Thursday, January 19, 2012


Whatever you wear is incomplete without accessories; the right accessory can make your outfit look classy and chic.
So, I thought I'll share with you a few of my favorite accessories; the basic neck and hand accessories for now.

  • Neck

(long dangling gold or silver neck pieces for dress tops)

(multi-color neck pieces that go with most dresses)

(a few basic pendants to wear with your evening dresses)

(owl pendants, they don't need a description; must have one)

  • Hand

(these metallic bracelets are an all time favorite)

(i like pairing up two rings in a finger)

(there are various designs of owl rings and i adore them)

(gemstones, they will always be fashionable and do justice to semi-formals)

(and if you're feeling a little extra too cute, try this)

(and there should be a few antique pieces, fake or not)

For more fashion ideas, grooming and beauty tips, check in at Fashion Fascination.


1 comment:

Yeasayer said...

Your so right! Accessories are so important and making an outfit unique <3


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