Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vintage Love!

What words approach your mind when i say "Vintage" and "accessories"? Pastels, roses, pearls galore! Vintage accessories are classic pieces that are hard to find around. Any one statement vintage piece can add an edge to your outfit.

Small delicate tinklets bunched together can utterly transform the whole look!Pearls have always been an integral part of vintage fashion.Typically,white shiny pearls and a wide majority also has a weakness for light pink and off white pearl accessories.

Pearl bracelets have been a classic favourite with fashion stalwarts! There is so much to look for when it comes to pearls!Pearls and rhinestones have been an eternal hit..but the classic heart throb remains the
one-strand pearl bracelet.

Lastly,pastels is something that you can never go wrong with!Wear with light colours like white or dark ones like black to compliment your outfit..wither way,pastel power is the way to go!

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