Saturday, February 4, 2012

Be a Fashionista.

It doesn't take designer dresses, and expensive labels to make you look chic and fashionable; its that little effort you take in putting the right pieces together. We all know the right kind to dress to wear to a place, but what does it take to stand out in the crowd?
So, here i am going to tell you how to experiment with five different looks and i am sure, you'd love sporting it.

  • The Effortless College Girl
We all know how to dress to college don't we, the same old pair of jeans and shirt, or a skirt with some casual top. Did you know you could look more fashionable without looking too dressy? Take a plain loose top, and pair it with a high waist skirt (your choice) Add a dash of a simple belt to it, and a short biker jacket. To complete the look, wear ankle length boots, and a plain hand bag. I bet people would turn around more than twice this time.

  • The Grad-school Nerd Girl
Yeah, yeah we know you love loose XL tees and jeans. Have you ever tried to get out of your bubble and try to slip on something like a dressy top or a gown for a change? If you haven't, then do it this time. Glasses aren't taking your beauty away. In fact the right kind of glasses increase your sex appeal. Go for shades like green, purple and blue. Open up the 'always-tied hair' and add some jewelry (like a neck accessory) and the hottest guy in your class would definitely ask you out this time.

  • The Party Rocker Chick
We love stockings, and high heels, and leather jackets, and sleek clutches, but isn't black too common? Wear dark shades of blue and purple, and shine like neon lights, girl. Nobody said, skull accessories were meant to be only for the emo-kids. These statement pieces in gold can make you look better than Kesha. Drop the glitter on the way back home.

  • The Country Girl
This is something, that i have always wanted to wear. Floral long skirts, flowy tops and hats. Ah! the smell of meadows and rain. I love how this look is so effortless yet so stylish. You can wear knee length boots with this and be minimal on the accessory part.

  • The Seductive Secretary
Alright, who-so-ever said you must wear pale colors to office has certainly never experimented with looks. Must try colors: Pink, subtle oranges, dark peach, mint and some blues. Pair your dress with a short vibrant blazer and ankle length shoes. Complete this look, with a plain purse and careless yet well groomed hair.

Alright lovely people, that is all for this time. Hope you loved reading it, as much as i liked writing it. Do try some and link me to your pictures.

For more fashion ideas, check in at Fashion Fascination.



anas said...

Thank you... i want to share my blog about dresses here, Dresses for you

Gavriela said...

nice blog and post too!
think i am a club rocker girl, but also love the other styles too!


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