Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Belt It Up!

I know, I know! Belts may not be for everyone. If you have a full and/or waist you've probably discovered that most belts only emphasize the problem. However, there are styling tricks that will solve that issue! Wrap up and buckle in as this season’s belts pull your outfit together. Whip thin skinny belts take a bold stance, as acidic neon tones and punchy prints cinch bodycon dresses and colored skinny jeans. Alternatively, leather waist belts and hip belts in neutral shades, will keep classicists content. Wide stretch belts for example work well with Apple body shape or anyone with a full waist without adding bulk.

You'll discover more styling strategies on this page!

Corset Belt!

Wide Belts!

Wide belts, worn at your natural waistline, just below your ribcage, will make your waist look smaller and will give you a curvy silhouette. For the most slimming effect, choose a wide belt you can cinch around your waist. Choose one in an animal pattern, such as faux crocodile or snakeskin, for a chic look. Find a belt made of vinyl, and the smooth texture will draw attention to your waist. Light colors, such as white, light blue or lavender, will give you the illusion of curves if you have a slight frame.

The Brown Belt!

The Big Bow!
Its Red for the LBD

Skinny Belts!

Skinny belts look great slung low on the hips, especially over stretchy jersey dresses, or tightly wrapped around the natural waist. Add shape and color to voluminous dresses with skinny belts in contrasting colors. A black dress looks great with a bright purple belt, and a white or light-colored top and skirt look crisp with a black skinny belt. For a retro look, wear a white '50s-style sheath or ball gown with a black skinny belt around your waist.

The Vintage Leopard!
Perfect Peach!
Stylishly Brown!

Big Belts!

To slim any dress and emphasize your curves, buy a corset belt that matches your wardrobe. Known for its ultra-wide shape and tight fit, a corset belt will nip in your waist and also slim your stomach. Try a belt with two or more buckles and wear it over a floral or geometric dress. Get more milage out of it by choosing one that you can also wear over blouses and your favorite shirts.

Stylishly Big!
Quintessential Black!
Big Belt for Short Shorts!
Belts can add color, style and shape to any outfit. You just need the right belt and top - meaning, you have to know what to look for when shopping for fashion belts. Whether you want a simple black belt for work or a wide belt to define your waist, this article will help you find the best belts for your shape and for your style.Women's fashion belts are the perfect accessories for the last finishing touch. With the right clothes, a belt can instantly transform your outfit into a sexy, chic and well put together look!

As I have always said , "Inhale Fashion Exhale Style, in everything that you do!" Because in the end its all about being Stylish!

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